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We have added all of the videos for the conference, links are provided below. On our Vimeo site you can also see videos from the conference, as well as of other lectures hosted by the Center in recent years.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

ehrman.apr10panel1.web Bart Ehrman, Panel 1 Video

lipton.apr10panel1.web Sarah Lipton, Panel 1 Video

eizenstatlecture.apr10web Stuart Eizenstat, Opening Lecture Video


Monday, April 11, 2016

gradstupanel2.apr11web Graduate students chairing panel 2

zinger.apr11panel2web Oded Zinger, Panel 2 Video

teterpanel2.apr11web Magda Teter, Panel 2 Video

hahnpanel2.apr11web Hans Joachim Hahn, Panel 2 Video

polonskypanel3.apr11web Antony Polonsky, Panel 3 Video

confinoRosenberg.Berg.apr11web Nicolas Berg, Alon Confino, Panel 3 [with Yair Rosenberg]

Confino Video   Berg Video

undergradposter.apr11web Undergraduate Research Poster Session

stuposters.apr11.web Undergraduate Research Poster Session

gradstujudges.apr11web Graduate students – judges of the poster session

foodtruck3.apr11web Food truck dinner




stuposters2.apr11.web Presenting the awards to the undergraduates

stuposters3.apr11web Top Undergraduate Research Posters

arielcarroll.apr11web Yaakov Ariel introducing James Carroll

carroll.apr11web James Carroll Video


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

gradstudentspanel4.apr12web Graduate students chairing panel 4

camuspanel4.apr12web Jean-Yves Camus, via Skype, panel 4 Video

jikelipanelfour.apr12web Guenther Jikeli, panel 4 Video

arielpanel4.apr12web Yaakov Ariel, panel 4 Video

journalistspanel5.apr12web Journalist Round Table, panel 5  Video

closing.apr12web Closing Remarks Video

dinner.apr12web Dinner with undergraduates/UNC Hillel