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2011- 2012

Material Culture and Jewish Identity April 16, 2012: VANESSA OCHS, anthropologist of contemporary Jewish life and professor  at the University of Virginia, explored the ways that different things make homes Jewish, and how “things” facilitate Jewish living.

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First speaker begins at 3:50.

We’re No Angels March 19, 2012: CHRIS HAYES, professor of Religious Studies at Yale University, lead an exploration of diverse ancient Jewish conceptions of the nature of human perfection.

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First speaker begins at 4 minutes.

Photographing the Ultra Orthodox February 15, 2012: GIL COHEN-MAGEN, shared exciting and surprising moments in the lives of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews.

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The Stages of Memory After 9/11: From Berlin to New York
The Eli N. Evans Distinguished Lecture  in Jewish Studies
November 14, 2011: JAMES YOUNG,  professor and director of the Institute for  Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies at the University of  Massachusetts, Amherst, shared a vividly illustrated slide lecture  that examined Germany’s national Holocaust memorial and the World Trade  Center Site Memorial and explored how the idea of a memorial has  evolved to express irredeemable loss.

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First speaker begins at  :45.

Jews  and the Civil War:  Reevaluating the Legacy of the Civil War for America’s Jews
Sylvia and Irving Margolis Lecture on the  Jewish  Experience  in the American South September 19, 2011: ADAM  MENDELSOHN,  assistant professor of Jewish Studies at the College of Charleston, examined the impact and importance of the Civil War for the American Jewish  community, arguing that the focus on the battlefield exploits of Jews conceals  more than it reveals.  Co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of the American South.

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2010 Center’s Promotional Video

Produced in 2010, the video features UNC students, faculty and supporters, all speaking about the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies and the Jewish Studies program at UNC Chapel Hill.

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