Grant Applications

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2014-15 Grant Applications                      

  • Only completed applications will be considered. Please review the specific materials required to apply for each of the different Jewish Studies grants. All grant applications require a Carolina Center for Jewish Studies cover sheet or application form. Email your completed application materials in a  single PDF file to:
  • All application documents are MS Word files.

Applications  for Undergraduate Grants and Awards – application will be updated in December 2014.

  1. Undergrad research/travel: application.undergradtravelreseach.2013-14 - deadline: January 20, 2015

Applications  for Graduate Student Grants and Awards - applications will be updated in December 2014.

  1. Graduate research: application.gradresearchtravel2013-14 - deadline: January 20, 2015
  2. Graduate summer stipend: application.gradsummer2013-14 - deadline: January 20, 2015
  3. Graduate Silver Fellowship: application.silver2013-14 - deadline: TBA 2015

Applications  for Faculty Grants and Awards

  1. Faculty course development: application.facultycoursedev.2014-15 - deadline: October 20, 2014
  2. Faculty research: application.facultyreseachtravel2014-15 - deadline: October 20, 2014


Applications  for Graduate Student Recruitment Awards – application will be updated in December 2014.

  1. application.topup2013-14 - deadline: TBA 2015


For  further information, please email or call 962-1509.