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Academic Programs

Carolina students can pursue an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies/Jewish Studies. The degree program, which was introduced in 2012, is offered through the Department of Religious Studies, where students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies with a Concentration in Jewish Studies.

Two academic minors – Jewish Studies and Modern Hebrew – continually attract a diverse  group of Carolina students, and more than 1,200 Carolina students  enroll in Jewish Studies courses each year. The number of Jewish Studies courses offered to Carolina students has grown to more than 110.

The Jewish Studies program offers courses in departments  across the humanities and social sciences.

The number of Jewish Studies faculty members has doubled in the Center’s first few years. In the current academic year, more than 20 faculty members teach and conduct research in  Jewish Studies at Carolina. Faculty members are based in eight different academic departments [Religious Studies, Asian Studies, German/Slavic Languages and Literatures, American Studies, History, English, Romance Languages, and Music].

Study Abroad
Students have the opportunity to pursue Jewish Studies  through study abroad programs in Israel, Argentina and several other countries. Students may also participate in archaeological excavations in Israel.

Hispano-, Latin American-, Latina/o-Jewish Cultural Production Working Group
This Latina/o Studies working group is dedicated to exploring the histories, cultures, and cultural productions of Jews in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America (inclusive of the Caribbean) as well as that of Latina/o Jews or Jewish Latina/os in the United States. The triangular nature of the investigation is important for bringing historical (temporal and geopolitical) analytical depth to the experiences and cultural productions of Latin American Jews and United States-based Latina/o Jews. Readings, film screenings, individual and panel presentations, and selected speakers will be distributed among the three sub-areas of exploration (the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, and the United States). The challenge of the working group is to trace paths of inter-relation between these three sub-areas of investigation. Participants who have yet to commit: Please email Dr. DeGuzmán to let her know of your interest. Her email addresses are: and Funding for this UNC Program in Latina/o Studies working group will be provided by the UNC Program in Latina/o Studies in conjunction with the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies and the UNC Department of Romance Studies. Click here for more information.