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Study Abroad Summer 2017: Argentina
The UNC Study Abroad Office, the Romance Studies Department and the Center for Jewish Studies are delighted to offer an undergraduate summer study abroad program in Spanish with a focus on immigration in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This interdisciplinary program will highlight immigrant life in Buenos Aires, one of the most multicultural and historically diverse cities in Latin America. The Jewish culture and history will also be studied in a transnational frame, addressing immigration and global issues. Since the nineteenth century and following a national immigration policy, Buenos Aires grew to be the home of the largest Jewish community in Latin America and one of the largest urban Jewish communities in the world. Modern Buenos Aires offers a rich, diverse life along with other historical and cultural opportunities for students to explore. This is a UNC faculty-led program.Learn more: UNC Study Abroad web site Program flyer: fa16_flyer_argentina

JWST697 Capstone Course, Spring 2017
The Holocaust, Memory and Historical Methodology
Thursday, 2-4:45 , Instructor: Professor Karen Auerbach  jwst697-flyerspring2017

This seminar will familiarize students with classic works of Holocaust historiography as well as with newer works that challenge old interpretations and methodologies. We will investigate debates about
the origins and historicization of the Holocaust; the role of Hitler in decision-making and the Nazi bureaucracy; the development of antisemitism; the uses of sources, from archival documents to victim testimony; theories of genocide and colonialism; comparative genocide; memory and the “myth of silence”; and other themes. Readings will ask how historians can write a narrative reconstruction of events while “probing the limits of representation,” in the words of Saul Friedländer.

Spring 2017 courses –

Undergraduate Courses:

ASIA 53 (First-year seminar): Israeli Popular Music M-W-F 12:20-1:10PM. Hanna Sprintzik

RELI 109: History and Culture of Ancient Israel M-W 12:20-1:10PM. Joseph Lam

RELI 143: Judaism in Our Time T-TH 9:30-10:45AM. Yaakov Ariel reli-143-judaism-in-our-time

RELI 224H: Modern Jewish Thought T-TH 2-3:15PM. Andrea Cooper modern-jewish-thought-poster-2017

HIST/JWST/PWAD 262: History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews M T-TH 12:30-1:45PM. Karen Auerbach

HIST 330: Jesus and the Jews: From the Bible to the Big Screen T-TH 12:30-1:45PM. Flora Cassen

ASIA 425: Israeli-Palestinian Exchanges T-TH 11AM-12:15PM. Yaron Shemer asia-425-shemer-2172

RELI 566: Jewish Legal Literature TH 3:30-6:20PM Evyatar Marienberg

JWST 697: Capstone Course: The Holocaust, Memory and Historical Methodology TH 2-4:45PM. Karen Auerbach jwst697-flyerspring2017

Language courses:

HEBR 102: Elementary Modern Hebrew II M-W-F 9:05-9:55AM. Hanna Sprintzik

HEBR 204: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II M-W-F 10:10-11:00AM. Hanna Sprintzik

HEBR 306: Advanced Modern Hebrew II T-TH 2:00-3:15PM. Yaron Shemer

 Graduate courses:

JWST 697: Capstone Course: The Holocaust, Memory and Historical Methodology TH 2-4:45PM. Karen Auerbach jwst697-flyerspring2017

GERM 875: Germans, Jews, and the Theatre F 9:05-11:55 AM. Jonathan M. Hess germ-875-poster

Fall 2016 courses

AMST/JWST 253: Jewish Women in America Marcie Cohen Ferris

ASIA 435: The Cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa Yaron Shemer cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa. shemer. Fall 2016

ENGL 129: Slavery and Holocaust in American Fiction and Film Danielle Christmas

ENGL 447: Literatures of the Holocaust  Danielle Christmas

FOLK 505: Traditions in Transition: Jewish Folklore and Ethnography Gabrielle Berlinger

GERM 56 (First-Year Seminar) Germans, Jews, and the History of Antisemitism Jonathan Hess GERM056 F2016

RELI/JWST 103: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature David Lambert

RELI 108: Classic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism Evyatar Marienberg

RELI 123/JWST 100: Introduction to Jewish Studies Andrea Cooper

RELI 212: Classical Hebrew II Joseph Lam

RELI 242: New Religious Movements in America Yaakov Ariel

HIST 153: From Bible to Broadway: Jewish History to Modern Times Flora Cassen

HIST 398: Antisemitism: History, Causes, Consequences Flora Cassen

RELI 426H: The Sacrifice of Abraham Andrea Cooper

JWST 465/SLAV 465/PWAD 465: Literature of Atrocity: The Gulag and the Holocaust in Russia and Eastern Europe Hana Pichova

AMST 486/JWST 486: Shalom Y’all: The Jewish Experience in the American South Marcie Cohen Ferris

PLCY 490/PWAD 690.001: U.S. – Israel Relations  Sahi Tamari

RELI 542: Religion and the Counterculture Yaakov Ariel

RELI 603: The Bible in Translation David Lambert

Language courses:
HEBR 101-001: Elementary Modern Hebrew I  Ana Sprintzik modernhebrewflyer.fall 2016

HEBR 203: Intermediate Modern Hebrew I  Ana Sprintzik

HEBR 305: Advanced Modern Hebrew I  Yaron Shemer

Maymester 2016: Beyond Hostilities: Israeli-Palestinian Exchanges and Collaborations in Cinema, Literature, and Music. Maymester.Shemer.

Spring 2016 courses:

Undergraduate Courses:

ASIA 357: Arab-Jews: Culture, Community, and Co-existence Yaron Shemer. Arab-Jews. Spring 2016. ASIA 357 Shemer
GERM 225: Popular and Pious: Early Modern Jewish Literature Ruth von Bernuth GERM225.S2016
GERM/CMPL 270/JWST 239/RELI 239: German Culture and the “Jewish Question”  Jonathan Hess GERM270.S2016
HIST 89 (First Year Seminar): Diaries and Memoirs of the Holocaust  Karen Auerbach
HIST/JWST 153: Jewish History Medieval to Modern Times Flora Cassen
HIST/JWST/PWAD 262: History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews  Karen Auerbach
HIST 390: Antisemitism and Islamophobia  Flora Cassen, Sarah Shields Hist 390 Poster_4
PLSH/JWST 412: 20th-Century Polish Literature and Culture Eva Wampuszyc
RELI 78 (First Year Seminar): Reading the Bible: Now and Then David Lambert
RELI/JWST/CLAR 110: New Testament Archaeology Jodi Magness
RELI 211: Classical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible Joseph Lam RELI211_Flyer_Spring2016
RELI 224H: Modern Jewish Thought Andrea Cooper RELI224H.ModernJewishThought
RELI 697/JWST 697: The Material Life of Jewish America Gabrielle Berlinger JWST697spring16.poster
Language courses:
HEBR 102: Elementary Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 204: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 306: Advanced Modern Hebrew II  Yaron Shemer