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MASTER LIST OF COURSES.descriptions.nov10.2015


Fall 2016 course

AMST/JWST 253: Jewish Women in America Marcie Cohen Ferris

ASIA 435: The Cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa Yaron Shemer cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa. shemer. Fall 2016

ENGL 129: Slavery and Holocaust in American Fiction and Film Danielle Christmas

ENGL 447: Literatures of the Holocaust  Danielle Christmas

FOLK 505: Traditions in Transition: Jewish Folklore and Ethnography Gabrielle Berlinger

GERM 56 (First-Year Seminar) Germans, Jews, and the History of Antisemitism Jonathan Hess GERM056 F2016

RELI/JWST 103: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature David Lambert

RELI 108: Classic Jewish Texts: From Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls to Kabbalah and Hassidism Evyatar Marienberg

RELI 123/JWST 100: Introduction to Jewish Studies Andrea Cooper

RELI 212: Classical Hebrew II Joseph Lam

RELI 242: New Religious Movements in America Yaakov Ariel

HIST 153: From Bible to Broadway: Jewish History to Modern Times Flora Cassen

HIST 398: Antisemitism: History, Causes, Consequences Flora Cassen

RELI 426H: The Sacrifice of Abraham Andrea Cooper

JWST 465/SLAV 465/PWAD 465: Literature of Atrocity: The Gulag and the Holocaust in Russia and Eastern Europe Hana Pichova

AMST 486/JWST 486: Shalom Y’all: The Jewish Experience in the American South Marcie Cohen Ferris

PLCY 490/PWAD 690.001: U.S. – Israel Relations  Sahi Tamari

RELI 542: Religion and the Counterculture Yaakov Ariel

RELI 603: The Bible in Translation David Lambert

Language courses:
HEBR 101-001: Elementary Modern Hebrew I  Ana Sprintzik modernhebrewflyer.fall 2016

HEBR 203: Intermediate Modern Hebrew I  Ana Sprintzik

HEBR 305: Advanced Modern Hebrew I  Yaron Shemer

Maymester 2016: Beyond Hostilities: Israeli-Palestinian Exchanges and Collaborations in Cinema, Literature, and Music. Maymester.Shemer.

Spring 2016 courses:

Undergraduate Courses:

ASIA 357: Arab-Jews: Culture, Community, and Co-existence Yaron Shemer. Arab-Jews. Spring 2016. ASIA 357 Shemer
GERM 225: Popular and Pious: Early Modern Jewish Literature Ruth von Bernuth GERM225.S2016
GERM/CMPL 270/JWST 239/RELI 239: German Culture and the “Jewish Question”  Jonathan Hess GERM270.S2016
HIST 89 (First Year Seminar): Diaries and Memoirs of the Holocaust  Karen Auerbach
HIST/JWST 153: Jewish History Medieval to Modern Times Flora Cassen
HIST/JWST/PWAD 262: History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews  Karen Auerbach
HIST 390: Antisemitism and Islamophobia  Flora Cassen, Sarah Shields Hist 390 Poster_4
PLSH/JWST 412: 20th-Century Polish Literature and Culture Eva Wampuszyc
RELI 78 (First Year Seminar): Reading the Bible: Now and Then David Lambert
RELI/JWST/CLAR 110: New Testament Archaeology Jodi Magness
RELI 211: Classical Hebrew I: A Linguistic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible Joseph Lam RELI211_Flyer_Spring2016
RELI 224H: Modern Jewish Thought Andrea Cooper RELI224H.ModernJewishThought
RELI 697/JWST 697: The Material Life of Jewish America Gabrielle Berlinger JWST697spring16.poster
Language courses:
HEBR 102: Elementary Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 204: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 306: Advanced Modern Hebrew II  Yaron Shemer