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Dear Carolina Community, 

Today, tragedy hit close to home as our sister campus UNC Charlotte experienced a heartbreaking act of gun violence. At this time, we know that two people were killed and four were injured, three critically. While much remains unknown about the circumstances, we nonetheless grieve along with the families and friends of the victims, the Niner community and the people of Charlotte. We stand ready to help in any way needed. 

I know that many on our campus have ties to Charlotte and are deeply affected by this event. As on our own campus, the UNC Charlotte community is at the end of its semester, preparing for exams and savoring the last moments before commencement. If you need to talk or would like help, counseling services are available for students, and for faculty and staff.

I am disheartened that I have had to reach out to you regarding so many senseless acts of violence lately, and tonight’s events are an unfortunate reminder that terrible things can happen at any time and in any place. I encourage all members of our community to review UNC Police’s active shooter guidelines and become familiar with how best to protect yourself on campus. As always, if you ever feel threatened or in danger, please contact 911 for an emergency or University Police at 919-962-3951. If you have not done so already, please download the LiveSafe app and use it. 


Kevin M. Guskiewicz 
Interim Chancellor 

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