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Events Schedule 2022-2023:

Please save the dates and join us next year for our upcoming events program, including a special performance on March 2nd to celebrate the Center’s 20th anniversary. Event details will be posted in late summer.


Sept 19 Evans Lecture and inaugural Alumni Lecture:
Ghetto Pastoral: Street Scene, Jews, and the Transformation of American Folklore with Naomi Graber, UGa


Oct 24 Sephardic Lecture:
“bridges between east and west” with poet Ronny Someck


Nov 7 Margolis Lecture:
Southern Jews and the Lost Cause: Confederate Memory and Jewish Identity with David Weinfeld, Rowan University


Nov 14 Emerging Scholars:
“Breathing out violence:” Fake News and other dangerous speech in Ancient Israel with Emily Branton, UNC CH


Jan 23 Emerging Scholars:
No Fairy Tale: German Zionism and the Politics of Literature with Joshua Shelly, UNC CH/Duke


Jan 30 Holocaust Remembrance Day: Laura Jockusch, Brandeis


Feb 20 Emerging Scholars:
A Galician Wedding“: Yiddish Popular Culture and Regionalism in American Jewish Immigrant Life, 1910-1938 with Oskar Czendze, UNC CH


Mar 2 Heilig Event and 20th anniversary celebration: Daniel Zamir, jazz performance



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