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Carolina students: Don’t miss this chance to take one of our most popular courses!

This year’s Capstone course is offered in spring 2023 semester. A Capstone Course is required for the RELI/JWST major, the JWST minor and the JWST grad student certificate. This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students.


JWST 697: The Holocaust, Memory and Historical Writing

Professor Karen Auerbach
Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30-4:45

*If you are interested but have a schedule conflict, please let Professor Auerbach know and she may be able to adjust class time. You may also contact Professor Auerbach at with any other questions.



Nine decades after the Nazi rise to power, historians still grapple with explaining how the genocide of European Jewry happened. This seminar will familiarize students with foundational works of Holocaust history and with newer works that challenge old interpretations. Themes include the origins of the Holocaust, early postwar memory and the “myth of silence,” the role of Hitler in the Nazi bureaucracy, antisemitism and its relationship to Nazism, methods of using archival documents and other sources, gender, and the place of the Holocaust within the field of genocide studies. Students will research a topic of their choice related to the Holocaust and genocide.


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