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Together, We’ve Created a Thriving Center
Celebrating 20 Years of Jewish Studies the Carolina Way


In spring 2003, Carolina leadership and faculty established the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies with an interdisciplinary approach to academics and research along with a strong focus on community outreach. Or, as we like to call it: Jewish studies the Carolina way. In the ensuing years, the Center has grown to have an important role on campus, in the Jewish studies academic field, and with the local community. Today, at the 20-year milestone, the Center continues to strengthen and expand its programs for students, faculty and the general public, and none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of alumni and friends.

The Center has grown from six faculty members to 23 (in 11 different academic departments), which in turn has allowed the Center to add more Jewish studies course offerings and academic programs for both undergrads and grad students. Our alums hold positions at non-profits, museums, foundations, social service organizations and in secondary education. Many of our grad student alumni are faculty at peer institutions, and are helping to define the future of Jewish studies as an academic field.

The Center has hosted more than 200 events since 2003 and has co-sponsored many dozens more.

These lectures, performances, film screenings and conferences are consistently attended by Carolina students and local community members, but the audience is now also worldwide for our remote events.

The Center has firmly established itself as one of the leading Jewish studies programs in the nation, and we could not have reached this level of success without the generous support of so many. Gifts at all levels enable the Center to maintain its reputation for excellence and to expand programs for students, faculty and the community.


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