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Students should visit Carolina’s Study Abroad web site for information.

Study Abroad 2017

Study Abroad: Europe: TEXTURE OF MEMORY: JEWISH LIFE AND THE HOLOCAUSTThis Burch Field Research Seminar is a five-week program that brings students to one of the heartlands of Jewish life to study history, culture, and memory before, during and after the Holocaust. Students will spend four weeks in Poland and one week in Lithuania examining how the Holocaust is remembered and memorialized – connecting memory of the Holocaust with the cities, towns and Nazi camps where the events took place. Summer 2017 (May 26 – July 3).  This is a UNC faculty-led program.


Study Abroad: Argentina: The UNC Study Abroad Office, the Romance Studies Department and the Center for Jewish Studies are delighted to offer an undergraduate summer study abroad program in Spanish with a focus on immigration in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This interdisciplinary program will highlight immigrant life in Buenos Aires, one of the most multicultural and historically diverse cities in Latin America. The Jewish culture and history will also be studied in a transnational frame, addressing immigration and global issues. This is a UNC faculty-led program.
Learn more: UNC Study Abroad web site Program flyer: fa16_flyer_argentina

Study Abroad: Huqoq: This field school program, directed by Professor Jodi Magness of UNC-CH, provides students with the opportunity to participate in an archaeological excavation while learning about ancient and modern Israel. This is a UNC faculty-led program. Learn more: UNC Study Abroad web site. Program flyer