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2003 -2004
“To Trust the Souls of Those You Love”: A Jewish Family Confronts the Evangelical South, Emily Bingham 9/23/2003
Who were the Early Israelites and Where Did They Come From?, William G. Dever 10/9/2003
Scholars, Scrolls, and Scandals: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the History of Judaism, Laurence Schiffman 11/4/2003
Criminology and Jewish Degenerationism at the Fin-de-Siecle, Marilyn Reizbaum 1/27/2004
Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of WWII, Stuart Eizenstat 2/4/2004 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Abraham Miguel Cardozo: The Visions of a Mystical Messiah,David Halperin 3/30/2004

2004 -2005
How to Make God Talk, Jack Sasson 9/2/2004
A Call for Candlesticks: What We Can Learn from Stories and Things, Dale Rosengarten 9/13/2004
The Emergence of American Judaism, Jonathan Sarna 10/4/2004 Kaplan-Brauer Southern Jews Before and After the Lynching of Leo Frank, Steve Oney 11/9/2004 Revson Lecture
Morality and Universalism in Jewish Thought, Michael Walzer 1/26/2005 Revson Lecture
Southern Jewish Activists: The Response of 19th Century Women to Anti-Semitism, Jennifer Stollman 2/10/2005 Revson Lecture
350 Years of Jewish Cooking in America, Joan Nathan 2/15/2005 Revson Lecture
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Design Insights, Ralph Appelbaum 3/8/2005 Revson Lecture
Support Any Friend: Kennedy’s Middle East and the Making of the US-Israel Alliance, Warren Bass 3/22/2005 Revson Lecture
Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz, Bernice Steinhardt 3/29/2005 Revson Lecture
From Haven to Home: Celebrating 350 Years of American Jewish Life, Pamela Nadell 4/5/2005 Revson Lecture

We Write the Books We Want to Read: The Compelling Jewish Narrative, Naomi Ragen 9/22/2005 Revson Lecture
Raphael Soyer and the Search for Modern Jewish Art, Samantha Baskind 1/25/2006
Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina, Leonard Rogoff / Steve Channing 2/8/2006
Passing the Torch of Idealism: Gertrude Weil as Southern Jewish Citizen-Activist,  Joyce Antler 3/21/2006 Margolis Lecture
Fiddler on the Move: Exploring the Klezmer World, Mark Slobin 3/23/2006
History on Trial: My Day in Court with the World’s Leading Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt 4/10/2006 Green and Revson Lecture

Film Screening and Discussion of “Lasting Impressions”, Drew Levinson 9/12/2006 Revson Lecture
Gender, Antisemitism, and Modern Jewish Identity, Paula Hyman 9/26/2006 Revson Lecture
The (Harry) Golden Era of Civil Rights, Stephen Whitfield 10/16/2006 Margolis Lecture
The Son of Man: A Jewish Life, Daniel Boyarin 10/25/2006 Revson Lecture
Midrash as Visualization: Depicting the Binding of Isaac in Text and Image, Marc Bregman 11/16/2006
The Judaic Art Gallery at the North Carolina Museum of Art, John Coffey 1/31/2007 Revson Lecture
Ancient Judaism and the Prism of Orthodoxy, Michael Stone 2/15/2007 Revson Lecture
The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jodi Magness 2/28/2007 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Mysticism, Magic and Rabin’s Murder: The Pulsa DeNura Ritual, Zion Zohar 3/20/2007 Heilig Lecture
Kurt Weill’s Kol Nidre and Jewish Memory, Tamara Levitz 4/16/2007 Revson Lecture

Hank Greenberg: Famous for the Day He Did Not Play, Aviva Kempner 9/23/2007
Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg, Aviva Kempner 9/24/2007 Revson Lecture
Just Jewish Enough: Thinking Jewish in the Self-Portraits of Rafael Goldstein, Jonathan Boyarin 10/11/2007 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
G.I. Jews: How World War II Changed a Generation, Deborah Dash Moore 10/29/2007 Evans Lecture
A Poet’s Life in Warsaw, Piotr Sommer 11/13/2007 Revson Lecture
Israel and the Diaspora: Convergence or Rupture?, Derek Penslar 1/14/2008 Heilig Lecture
Jewish Merchants and Former Slaves: The Economic Relationship in the Post-Civil War South, Eric Goldstein 2/4/2008 Margolis Lecture
Jewish Music and All That Jazz,  Joshua Jacobson 3/3/2008 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Remembering Survival: Postwar Testimonies of the Starachowice Factory Slave Labor Camps, Christopher Browning 4/14/2008 5th anniversary event

Klezmer Trio Concert with Walter Zev Feldman, Christina Crowder and Alex Fiterstein, Walter Zev Feldman 10/27/2008 Revson Lecture
Rediscovering the Dance of Klezmer Music, Walter Zev Feldman 10/28/2008
Communal Genocide: Personal Accounts of the Destruction of Buczacz, Eastern Galicia, 1941-44, Omer Bartov 11/17/2008 Evans Lecture
Evangelical Christian Support of Israel, Stephen Spector 2/23/2009 Margolis Lecture
The Settlement Cookbook and the Transformation of Jewish American Identity Nora Rubel 3/30/2009 Revson Lecture
New Light on the Period of the Maccabees: the Excavations at Tel Kedesh, Andrea M. Berlin 9/22/2008 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Pleasures among the Jews in 18th-Century Europe and Their Meaning,  Shmuel Feiner 2/9/2009 Heilig Lecture
Edward Said in Jerusalem: Exile, Criticism, and Global Culture, Aamir Mufti 3/2/2009 Revson Lecture

Sixty Years of Wrestling with the Dead Sea Scrolls, Geza Vermes 9/14/2009 Evans Lecture
Ritual Murder in Norwich, 1144, Miri Rubin 11/16/2009 Heilig Lecture
The New Age of Kabbalah: The Revival of Jewish Mysticism in the Late 20th Century, Boaz Huss 1/25/2010 Revson Lecture
Film Screening: The People v. Leo Frank, Ben Loeterman 4/19/2010 Margolis Lecture
‘And we were together’: Solomon’s Window on Two Biblical Worldviews, Diana Lipton 9/1/2009
Strangers in the Land: Blacks, Jews, Post-Holocaust America, Eric Sundquist 10/1/2009
Jewishness and the Remaking of Ethnic Identities, Jonathan Freedman 10/19/2009 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Contrapuntual Critique: Secularism and Orientalism in the Early Jewish Enlightenment, Andrea Schatz 11/6/2009
My Histories: The Poetics and Politics of the Public Word, Ammiel Alcalay 2/8/2010 Revson Lecture
Hebrew Printing and Jewish Knowledge in 18th Century Germany, Dirk Sadowski 3/22/2010 Revson Lecture
Book Launch: The Unconverted Self, Jonathan Boyarin 2/22/2010
Book Launch: Remembering Survival, Christopher Browning 3/1/2010

The Death of the Gods: Or Why a Monotheistic God Speaks in the Plural, Richard Elliott Friedman 9/27/2010 Evans Lecture
Co-Sponsor for Against Indifference: Elie Wiesel, Elie Wiesel 10/10/2010
Film Screening: Down Home Panel Discussion 10/23/2010 Margolis Lecture
Fitting Memorials: Postwar American Jews and the Memory of the Holocaust, Hasia Diner 12/6/2010 Revson Lecture
The Israeli-Palestinian Dispute: A Report from the Field, Ethan Bronner 2/28/2011 Revson Lecture
Lives in the Balance:  The United States, the Dominican Republic, and the Rescue of European Jews during WWII, Allen Wells 11/15/2010
The transformation of the Jews: A historical outline 1750-1950, Dan Diner 3/21/2011

Jews, and the Civil War: Reevaluating the Legacy of the Civil War for America’s Jews, Adam Mendelsohn 9/19/2011 Margolis Lecture
Lunch Seminar: The Last Spanish Expulsion in Europe: Milan 1565-1597, Flora Cassen 9/21/2011
Lunch Seminar: Johnny Cash in the Holy Land, Shalom Goldman 10/10/2011
Film Screening: Undzere Kinder (Our Children) Panel Discussion 10/27/2011
Lost From Memory: 19th-Century Jewish Merchant Communities in Small-Town America, David Katzman 11/7/2011 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
The Stages of Memory After 9/11: From Berlin to New York, James Young 11/14/2011 Evans Lecture
“To Write Poetry After Auschwitz is Barbaric”: 44 years of living among the barbarians, Sidra Dekoven Ezrahi 2/6/2012 Revson Lecture
Anti-Semitism: The History of an Idea, Jonathan Elukin 2/27/2012 Heilig Lecture
The Wise Men of Chelm: Eastern European Jewry’s Favorite Folk Tradition and Its German Origins, Ruth von Bernuth 3/1/2012
We’re No Angels: Striving for Perfection in Ancient Jewish Literature, Christine Hayes 3/19/2012 Revson Lecture
Material Culture and Jewish Identity: Or, What Makes a Jewish Home Jewish?, Vanessa Ochs 4/16/2012 Revson Lecture

2012-2013 – Tenth Anniversary
Southern Jews in the Crucible of Civil Rights, Stuart Rockoff 9/12/12 Margolis Lecture
BOGED: An Enemy of the People, staged reading with Boaz Gaon 9/29/12
The Music Libel Against the Jews, Ruth HaCohen 10/11/12
Demons and Evil Angels in Early Judaism, Carol Newsom 11/5/12
Beyond Monotheism? Reflections on Contemporary American Jewish Theology, Shaul Magid 11/12/12 Heilig Lectureship
The Scrolls of the Judean Desert: Who Wrote Them, and Why?, Rachel Elior 12/3/12
Excavations in the Ancient Village and Synagogue of Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee, Jodi Magness 1/28/13 Heilig Lecture
Absolved from the Guilt of the Past? Memory as Burden and as Grace in Post-War Lives of Perpetrators of the Shoah, Katharina von Kellenbach 2/18/13, Kaplan Brauer Lecture
Breaking Home Ties film screening, Sharon Pucker Rivo 3/4/13
Yosl Rakover Speaks to G-d stage performance, David Mandelbaum 4/14/13 Evans Lecture, 10th anniversary event
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Beginnings of Biblical Interpretation, James Kugel 4/22/13

An Afternoon of Yiddish Art Song; Jeanne Fischer 9/29/13
He Was Like One of Us: Lincoln and American Jewry; Gary Zola 10/7/13 Margolis Lecture
How Did Early Modern Jewish Women Accumulate Cultural Capital?; Moshe Rosman 10/14/13 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Lunch Seminar: book launch for Yaron Shemer 10/28/13
In Bed Together: Coexistence in Togo Mizrahi’s Alexandria Films; Deborah Starr 11/6/13
Laugh in Peace; 11/12/13
The Future of the Jews; Stuart Eizenstat 11/18/13 Revson Lecture
Isaiah: A Prophet of Hope for Jews and Christians; Stephen Anderson 11/21/13
Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria film screening; Jeff Lieberman 11/21/13
Excavating Armageddon: New Discoveries and Old Debates at Megiddo; Eric Cline 2/10/14 Eli N. Evans Lecture
Archives of Knowledge in an Age of Transition: The Encyclopaedia Judaica 1928-1934; Arndt Engelhardt 2/24/14 Revson Lecture
Two Powers in Heaven? The Emergence of Binitarian Ideas in Pre-Christian Judaism; Peter Schafer 3/24/14 Heilig Lecture
Early Modern Europe: Did Jews Make a Difference; Magda Teter 3/26/14
Allen Ginsberg and Kaddish; Bill Morgan 4/7/14

The Talmud’s Great Dispute of Religiosity; Menachem Fisch 9/15/14 Heilig Lecture
Lunch Seminar: “Economy of Shortages”: the Case of Jews in the Soviet Union; Anna Kushkova 9/22/14
Grad Student Speaker: Teaching Tradition: A Lecture on Pedagogy in the Field of Jewish Studies; Andrew Bush 10/22/14
Lunch Seminar: Numerical Commemoration, Place Names, and Forgetting in Israeli Culture; Yael Zerubavel 10/24/14
Film Screening: “Shadow in Baghdad”; Duki Dror 10/30/14
Lunch Seminar: Book launch for Rhetoric and Nation: The Formation of Hebrew National Culture, 1880–1990; Shai Ginsburg 11/3/14
Lunch Seminar: The Listening Eye: Some Thoughts About Cinema in Light of Emmanuel Levina’s Ethics; Orna Raviv 11/13/14
What is the Meaning of Bagels and Falafel?; Shaul Stampfer 11/17/14 Evans Lecture
Lunch Seminar: The Image of the Male Body in Ultra-Orthodox Thought in Israel and Corresponding Strategies  for Forging an A-Feminine Public Sphere; Yakir Englander 11/19/14
Golde and Her Daughters: Soviet Jewish Women Acculturation; Elissa Bemporad 1/26/15 Evans Lecture 2
The Landscape of Monotheism; Baruch Halpern 2/4/15 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Lunch Seminar: Lutz Fielder 3/26/15
Crossing the Boundary from Gentile to Jew in 19th Century American South; Dana Kaplan 4/20/15 Margolis Lecture

Prophecy Before the Birth of Israel; Jack Sasson 8/31/15 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Lunch Seminar: with John Reeves 10/20/15
Thomas Mann’s Race; Veronika Fuechtner 10/28/15 Grad Student Network
The Torah, the Mishnah and the Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem; Shaye Cohen 10/28/15 Evans Lecture
Lunch Seminar: with Michael Figueroa 11/2/15
Lunch Seminar: with Ruth Gruber 11/10/15
South and Further South; Aviva Ben-Ur 11/16/15 Margolis Lecture
How Tevye Learned to Fiddle; Anita Norich 2/1/16 Cohosted with Duke Jewish Studies
Excavations in the Huqoq; Jodi Magness 2/15/16 Evans Lecture
Film Screening: “The Arabic Movie” Eyal Sagi Bizawi 2/29/16
Family Papers: A Sephardi Journey; Sarah Stein 3/7/16 Heilig Lecture
Prejudices in Print: Reading European Antisemitism; Uhlman Family Seminar 4/9/16
Reconsidering Antisemitism: Past and Present Conference; 4/10/12/16

Women in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel; Susan Ackerman 9/19/16 Heilig Lecture
Film Screening: In Search of Israeli Cuisine; 10/26/16
Lunch Seminar: Guy Miron 10/31/16
Antisemitism in France in 2016: A Survey; Jean-Yves Camus 11/1/16
Cultural Significance of the Ghetto of Venice; David Ruderman 11/3/16
Lunch Seminar: David Ruderman 11/3/16
Film Screening: Rosenwald; Aviva Kempner 11/7/16 Margolis Lecture
Lunch Seminar: Naomi Lubrich 11/16/16
From Judenhut to Magic Hat: Iterations of a Medieval Garment; Naomi Lubrich 11/17/16 Grad Student Network
Lunch Seminar: Motti Inbari 11/29/16
Last Yiddish Heroes: Lost and Found songs of Soviet Jews During WWII; Psoy Korolenko and Anna Shternshis 1/30/17
And Now I Have Read in Jewish Something: Yiddish Performances by Holocaust Survivors; Jeffrey Shandler 2/13/17
Film Screening: The Defiant Requiem; 2/23/17
Jewish Food in the Global South, A Symposium; 3/ 4-5/17
Consuming Temples: German Jews and Consumer Culture; Paul Lerner 3/20/17
Performing Commemoration Conference; 3/31-4/2/17
On the Study of Jews of Color; Lewis Gordon 4/17/17
Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezin; 4/20/17
Uhlman Family Seminar: Jewish Song, Comedy, and Storytelling in the Old and New Worlds 5/6/17

2017-2018 – Fifteenth Anniversary
Film Screening: Long Is the Road 8/22/17
Lunch Seminar: Flora Cassen: Marking the Jews 10/16/17
Between Utopia and Reality: Stefan Zweig’s Europe; Gregor Thuswaldner 10/16/17
Film Screening: Israeli Lit in Films: Apples from the Desert 11/8/17
Gertrude Weil’s Fight for Suffrage; Leonard Rogoff 11/13/17 Margolis lecture
Film screening: Israeli Lit in Films: The Seven Tapes 11/15/17
Lunch Seminar: Brad Erickson Ancient Judaism in the First-Person 12/12/17
Lunch Seminar: Jonathan Hess: Deborah and her Sisters 1/25/18
Lives Lived and Lost in Memory of Golda and Haim Finkler; Kaja Finkler 1/29/18
Lunch Seminar with Michele Audin 2/16/18
Lunch Seminar: From Schorske’s Polis to Imperial Metropolis; Malachi Hacohen 2/19/18
Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Ishmael, Malachi Hacohen 2/19/18
On Orientalist Genealogies: The Split Arab/Jew Figure Revisited; Ella Shohat 3/1/18
Lunch Seminar: Ella Shohat 3/2/18
Uhlman Family Seminar: Learning from the Holocaust 3/24/18
15th Anniversary Showcase: Jewish Studies the Carolina Way 3/25/18
Lunch Seminar: Gideon Avni 3/27/18

Co-sponsor: Conference: 1968 in Poland and Czechoslovakia in Comparison; 9/1/18
Co-sponsor: President Carter, The White House Years; Stuart Eizenstat 9/25/18
Lunch seminar: Jane S. Gabin 10/3/18
NC Jewish Studies Consortium: The “Sephardim”: An Imagined Diaspora?; Miriam Bodian 10/7/18
Scribes and Scrolls at Qumran: A New Synthesis; Sidnie White Crawford 10/8/18. Heilig Lecture
Lunch Seminar: Jörg Robert, University of Tübingen. 10/10/18
Co-sponsor: The Museum of the Bible and the Academy; Joel Baden 10/24/18
Co-sponosor: Monumental Histories; Flora Cassen 10/24/18
Film screening: Jewish American Soldiers: Stories from WWII 10/25/18
Co-sponsor: Women of the Wall; Lesley Sachs 10/25/18
Antisemitism and the Jewish Experience in the South; Jonathan Weisman. 10/29/18. Margolis Lecture
Co-sponsor: German-Jewish Photographers and Filmmakers in 1930s Palestine 11/4/18
Conference: Wandering Objects 11/11-13/18
Co-sponsor: History Will Judge Us by Our Buildings; Mikhail Krutikov 11/19/18 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Lunch Seminar: David Biale, UC Davis. Organized by the Center’s Graduate Student Network 1/22/19
Hasidism: A New History; David Biale 1/22/19. Organized by the Center’s Graduate Student Network
The Nazi Holocaust & the Exile of Yiddish; Barry Trachtenberg 1/28/19
Lunch Seminar: Kerstin von der Krone, German Historical Institute Washington DC. 3/6/19
Whither Sephardic Music?; Edwin Seroussi.4/4/19 Sephardic Lecture
Conference: Moments of Enlightenment: German Jewish Interactions; 4/13-15/19

How Biblical Poetry Works; Jacqueline Vayntrub 8/26/19 Kaplan-Brauer Lecture
Lunch Seminar: Jacqueline Vayntrub, Yale University 8/27/19
NC Jewish Studies Consortium 9/8/19
The Jews as a Class: Between Race and Religion in the Civil War South; Shari Rabin. 10/23/19 Margolis Lecture
Martin Buber. A Life of Faith and Dissent; Paul Mendes-Flohr 10/28/19 Heilig Lecture
The Navel of the Dream: Freud and/in Yiddish; Naomi Seidman 11/4/19 Evans Lecture. Co-hosted with Duke Jewish Studies
Co-sponsor: Countering Hate Lecture Ken Stern 11/7/19
Lunch Seminar: Martin Sueldo, UNC 11/12/19
Co-sponsor: Hasia Diner 11/20/19
Lunch Seminar: Yaron Shemer, UNC 1/22/20
What Might We Remember on Holocaust Remembrance Day? A Historian’s Reflections; David Engel 1/27/20
Co-sponsor: McLester Lecture, Paula Fredriksen 1/29/20
Lunch Seminar: Paul Jaskot, Duke University 2/5/20
Lunch Seminar: Grace Overbeke, Duke University. 2/13/20
Lunch Seminar: Michael Legaspi, Penn State University 2/26/20
On Embedding the Bible in the Human Past: The Beginnings of Historical Criticism; Michael Legaspi 2/26/20
Forging Ties, Forging Passports: Migration and the Modern Sephardi Diaspora; Devi Mays 3/2/20 Sephardic Judaism Lecture
Lunch Seminar: Jodi Magness, UNC. 3/4/20
Lunch Seminar: David Lambert, UNC. Zoom meeting 4/30/20
Co-sponsor: Twitter Chat: A Hidden Child of the Holocaust 5/6/20

Swastikas on Jakob Schiff-Straße; Max Lazar Zoom meeting 9/14/20
Advocacy for Holocaust Education in Late 1950s West Germany; Daniela R. P. Weiner Zoom meeting 10/15/20
Melancholic Redemption and the Hopelessness of Hope: From Kafka to Dylan; Elliot R. Wolfson 10/28/20 Zoom  Heilig Lecture
Uhlman Family Seminar: Ordinary Men Revisited; Christopher Browning Zoom meeting 11/12/20
Building a Transnational Sephardi Network out of Interwar Paris; Robin Buller Zoom meeting 11/16/20
Holocaust Remembrance Day: Karen Auerbach and UNC grad students Zoom meeting 1/27/21
Ancient Judaism Online: Exploring a 3D Model of the Ancient Beth Alpha Synagogue; Brad Erickson Zoom meeting 2/10/21
Deep South Home: The Jewish Community of Selma, Alabama; Amy K. Milligan. 3/1/21
Yehuda Halevi, Zionism, and Mediterranean Currents in Israeli Music; Michael Figueroa 3/15/21
Grad Student Event: Jewish Studies After the Pandemic. Noam Pianko. 3/24/21
The Future of German Jewish Studies Book Launch for Moments of Enlightenment conference publication. 4/11/21
Grad Student Event: Roundtable discussion with Jewish studies center directors. 4/14/21


The Oldest Guard: Landowners, Local Memory, and the Making of the Zionist Settler Past; Liora Halperin 9/1/21
Contemporary Yiddish Performance and Jewish Futures; Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler. 10/4/21
A Curious Daughter: The Excess of Reading and Desire in Karl Emil Franzos’s “The Shylock of Barnow” (1877); Lea Greenberg. 10/18/21
Co-sponsor: New York – Tel Aviv — Berlin: Queer Jewish Lives on Screen 10/22/21
Radical Stillness: Reading Velocity in Yiddish Anti-Fascist Poetics; Anna Elena Torres. 10/28/21
The Nun in the Synagogue: Judeocentric Catholicism in Israel; Emma Polyakov. 11/9/21
Coin Deposits from Ancient Synagogues; Tine Rassalle. 11/15/21
Co-sponsor: “Grooves and Waves: Phonograph Records as Historical Sources in the Digital Age 11/16/21
Birds as Dads, Babysitters, and Hats; Beth A. Berkowitz. 11/22/21
How Healers Became Killers: German Physicians and the Nazi ‘Euthanasia; Patricia Heberer-Rice. 1/24/22
Co-sponsor: Reporting from Jerusalem: Behind the Headlines with NPR Correspondent Daniel Estrin 2/15/22
The Greensboro Contemporary Jewish Museum: Material Jewish Culture; Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem. 2/22/22
Or Hadash | עור חדש: Returning Parchment Production to Its Sacred Origin with Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem 2/24/22
Memories of Cultural Contact in Egyptian Jewish Oracles; Miguel Vargas. 2/28/22
Co-sponsor: Life in Romania is Better than in the Soviet Union’: Bessarabian Jews. 3/3/22
Young American Jews: Today’s Conversos?; David Graizbord 3/7/22
Too Long, Too Foreign…Too Jewish:  Antisemitism, upward mobility, and name changing in NYC, 1917-1945; Kirsten Fermaglich. 3/21/22
Co-sponsor: film screenings and discussions with filmmaker Avner Faingulernt. 3/29/22
Co-sponsor: The Objects that Remain; Laura Levitt 3/30/22
Holding the Past; Laura Levit. 3/31/22
Reflections in a Time of War: Yiddish Culture and Jewish History in Ukraine; Daniel Kahn and panel. 4/4/22
Grad Student Network: “The Sibylline Oracles: A Case Study in Ancient and Modern Anti-Judaism; Olivia Stewart Lester. 4/12/22
Ambivalent Appropriation: Apollo in Jewish Texts and Material Culture;  Olivia Stewart Lester. 4/13/22
Co-sponsor: Besa: A Code of Honor. Muslim Albanians Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust 4/26/22

Co-sponsor: Dennis Ross and Ghaith al-Omari: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process 9/13/22
Alumni Lecture: Ghetto Pastoral: Street Scene, Jews, and the Transformation of American Folklore. Naomi Graber. 9/19/22
Co-sponsor: Film screening: Aftermath; 1025/22
Co-sponsor: Five Elections in Three Years: Inside the battle over Israeli Democracy 10/26/23
bridges between east and west; Ronny Someck. 10/24/22
Southern Jews and the Lost Cause: Confederate Memory and Jewish Identity; David Weinfeld. 11/7/22
“Breathing out violence:” Fake News and other dangerous speech in Ancient Israel; Emily Branton. 11/14/22
Co-sponsor: Region of Suffering and Hope: The Czechoslovak Borderlands after World War II through the Eyes of Local Jews; 11/14/22
No Fairy Tale: German Zionism and the Politics of Literature; Joshua Shelly. 1/23/23
“If you survive, you must take revenge”: Jewish vengeance during and after the Holocaust Revenge; Laura Jockusch 1/30/23
Mizrahim and Zionism 1893-1959: A History; Zvi Ben-Dor Benite. 2/7/23
Co-sponsor: A Tarheel in the Knesset. 2/16/23
A Galician Wedding: Yiddish Popular Culture and Regionalism in American Jewish Immigrant Life, 1910-1938; Oskar Czendze. 2/20/23
Grad Student Network: Career Roundtable with Center Alumni. Organized by Jocelyn Burney. 3/1/23
20th Anniversary Celebration: Daniel Zamir with Gadi Lehavi. 3/2/23
Co-sponsor/Class visit: Yoni Rechter and the Silk Road Ensemble. 4/19/23
Co-sponsor: Michael Twitty in Conversation with Marcie Cohen Ferris. 4/19/23

Between Hebrew and Greek: The Transformation of Hebrew Traditions into a Greek Register; Hindy Najma. 9/12/23
The Soviet Jewish Bookshelf: Its Authors and Readers; Marat Grinberg. Oct 16, 2023
Confronting Authority In Pursuit of Justice: Lay People’s Voices in Talmudic Jewish Courts; Lynn Kaye. 11/13/23
Jews and the Pig: A History; Jordan Rosenblum, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 1/22/24
Title TBA. Ariela Keyser. 2/26/24
The Mizrahi Protest: Lessons from History. Henriette Dahan Kalev. 4/8/24
Keohane Lecture Series. Brett Kaplan

Updated 5/2023