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Grad Student Network Events Spring 2023:

Annual Event: Career opportunities meeting with alumni: March 1, 2023


Grad Student Network Events Spring 2022:

Grad Student Network Lecture/Seminars: April 13, 2022 with Olivia Stewart Lester
Seminar: The Sibylline Oracles: A Case Study in Ancient and Modern Anti-Judaism
Lecture: Ambivalent Appropriation: Apollo in Jewish Texts and Material Culture


Grad Student Network Events Fall 2021:
November 8: Gendering Modern Jewish Thought with Andrea Cooper, Religious Studies

October 29: Social Media and Internet Securing with Irene Newman, grad student, American Studies

Grad Student Network Events Spring 2021:

February 10, 1-2pm: Grant writing workshop with Yaron Shemer and Ruth von Bernuth

March 24, 1-2pm: Graduate student meeting with Noam Pianko.

April 14, 1-2pm: Roundtable discussion with Jewish studies center directors.

April 21: Center Review Committee meeting. April 21.