Giving Opportunities

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Faculty                                                                 $10  million

Eminent Professorship The Center would use an eminent professorship to recruit an internationally known teacher-scholar.  $3  million to endow*

Faculty  Fellow The Center seeks to establish additional  positions for junior faculty in such fields as Jewish literature, Yiddish, Mediterranean Jewish studies, and American Jewish history and culture.  A faculty fellow/professorship endowment could also be used to recruit a visiting scholar  for a semester or a year.  $1 million each to endow*

Faculty  Excellence Funds Faculty Excellence Funds demonstrate the Center’s commitment to maintaining a cadre of  teacher-scholars in Jewish Studies that is second to none by providing  non-salary support to faculty for a variety of teaching and scholarly needs, including research assistants, travel, and the acquisition of special archival  and database materials.  $100,000 each to endow
Graduate  Students                                             $3  million

Graduate Fellowships The Center, in conjunction with academic  departments such as religious studies, English, and history, would use these  funds to recruit highly promising graduate students for whom a theme or problem  in Jewish Studies is central to their scholarship and future teaching.  $500,000  each to endow

Graduate  Student Excellence Funds Graduate student excellence funds enable the  Center to provide research and travel awards to the next generation of great teacher-scholars in the field of Jewish Studies.  $100,000  each to endow

Unrestricted  Endowments                               $3  million

Named  Directorship A named directorship for the Center would  create an unrestricted endowment that would assist the director in meeting the  program’s most pressing needs as they arise. $2 million to endow

Unrestricted  Endowments Unrestricted program endowments are essential to maintaining the excellence for which Jewish Studies at Carolina has become known. Income from unrestricted endowments are used  by the director of the Center to support any number of its activities,  including:

  • Faculty and student travel for research, attendance at scholarly conferences and collaborative activities with scholars at other institutions.
  • Visiting scholars from Israel and European universities to offer courses and speak publicly.
  • Undergraduate  student theses, travel and educational experiences.
  • Graduate support funds to recruit and retain advanced students who will be the great Jewish studies teachers and scholars of tomorrow.
  • Library resources, including books, journals and computer hardware and software that will support the teaching and research missions of the Center.
  • Lectures that bring to campus prominent scholars and other experts in Jewish studies and related fields.

$50,000  each to endow


Public  Outreach                                                  $200,000

Distinguished  Lectureship
A distinguished lectureship enables the Center  to bring to campus a nationally recognized authority on some aspect of the  Jewish experience to speak to faculty, students, and members of the wider  community.
$200,000 to endow