UNC Jewish Studies Faculty

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ariel.vsm_ Yaakov Ariel, associate director for the Center and professor, Department of Religious Studies. Areas of research: Jewish-Christian relations; Mission to the Jews and Jewish conversions to Christianity; new Jewish religious movements; American Judaism.
Phone: 919-962-3930 Email: yariel@email.unc.edu

k.auerbach.2014.web_ Karen Auerbach, Stuart E. Eizenstat Fellow and assistant professor, Department of History. Areas of research: modern Jewish history; East European Jewish history; Polish Jews in 19-20th centuries; Jewish publishing in Poland.

 berlinger.web_ Gabrielle Berlinger, Babette S. and Bernard J. Tanenbaum Fellow in Jewish History and Culture, and assistant professor, Department of American Studies. Areas of research: American Jewish folklore (vernacular architecture; ritual; belief; festival; food); Israeli Mizrahi folklore; Jewish ethnology; public folklore; museum anthropology; immigrant studies.Email: gberling@unc.edu

floracassen.2014web Flora Cassen, JMA and Sonja van der Horst Fellow in Jewish History and Culture, assistant professor, Department of  History. Areas of research: Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History, European history from 10th – 18th centuries.
Email: fcassen@email.unc.edu

 danielle.christmas2014-826x1024 Danielle Christmas, assistant professor, Department of English & Comparative Literature. Areas of research: representations of Jewish American and African American relations; Holocaust literature and film; 20th century Jewish American literature; 1940s-60s Jewish American media.
Email: dchristmas@unc.edu

ferris.vsm_ Marcie Cohen Ferris, professor, Department of American Studies, and Coordinator of Southern Studies. Areas of research: history of the Jewish south; American Jewish women’s history; American Jewish culture; and the foodways and material culture of the American South.
Phone: 919-843-9881 Email: ferrism@email.unc.edu

Andrea-Cooper.2014web Andrea Dara Cooper, Leonard and Tobee Kaplan Fellow in Modern Jewish Thought, and assistant professor, Department of Religious Studies. Areas of research: modern Jewish thought; gender studies; continental philosophy; medieval Jewish philosophy and mysticism; cultural studies.
Email: adcooper@email.unc.edu

deguzmanm Maria DeGuzman, professor and director of Latina/o Studies,
Department of English and Comparative Literature. Co-chair, Hispano-, Latin American-, Latina/o-Jewish Cultural Production Working Group
Email: deguzman@email.unc.edu

 Michael-Figueroa.2014web  Michael A. Figueroa, assistant professor, Department of Music. Areas of research: Israeli and Palestinian music and culture; history of Jerusalem; modern Hebrew literature; music and memory of al-Andalus; cultural performance; cultural geography; music and violence.
Email: mfigueroa@unc.edu

Fischer-Web Jeanne Fischer, senior lecturer, Voice, Department of Music.
Email: fischerj@email.unc.edu

gregoryflaxman Gregory Flaxman, associate professor, Department of English and Adjunct Professor, Department of Communications Studies.
Email: gflax@email.unc.edu

 hess.vsm_ Jonathan M. Hess, chair, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Malkin Distinguished Professor of Jewish History and Culture, and adjunct professor of Religious Studies. Areas of research: German-Jewish literature, culture and history.
Email: jmhess@email.unc.edu

Joseph-Lam3.2014web Joseph Lam, assistant professor of Biblical Hebrew, Department of Religious Studies. Areas of research: Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Hebrew Bible in its ancient Near Eastern context; linguistic approaches  to Biblical Hebrew; comparative Semitic grammar; ritual and cult in the  ancient Near East; metaphor in religious language.
Phone: (919) 962-3927 Email: jclam@email.unc.edu

 lambert.vsm_ David Lambert, associate professor of Hebrew Bible, Department of Religious Studies. Areas of research: Hebrew Bible; ancient Israelite religious practices and society; late  Second Temple Judaism; the history of biblical interpretation;  development of religious terminology; Western notions of the self and  interiority; history of Jewish thought.
Phone: 919-962-5666  Email: dalambe@email.unc.edu

 magness.vsm_.2012  Jodi Magness, Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism, Department of Religious Studies. Areas of research: early Judaism; archaeology of Palestine.
Phone: 919-962-3928    Email: magness@email.unc.edu

 Evyatar-Marienberg.2014web Evyatar Marienberg, E.J. and Sara Evans Scholar and Associate Professor of Jewish History and Culture. Areas of research: Rabbinic Judaism and Jewish law; contemporary Catholicism; regulation of sexuality; social history in the Middle Ages; rituals; reception of Vatican II.
Phone: 919-962-3939   Email: evyatarm@unc.edu

 perelmuter Rosa Perelmuter, professor, Department of Romance Studies. Areas of research: Colonial Spanish American literature, contemporary Spanish American narrative,  Latino literature and culture, and Jewish Cuba.
Phone: (919) 604-5858 Email: rpperelm@email.unc.edu

rivkin2017-145x150 Michele Rivkin-Fish, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology. Areas of research: Medical anthropology, moral economies of medicine and health, gender and health, reproductive politics, health care reform, Russia, United States.
Phone: 919-962-1145 Email: mrfish@unc.edu

 Yaron-Shemer.2014.web_ Yaron Shemer, Levine/Sklut Scholar in Jewish Studies, associate professor of Israel cultural studies in the Department of Asian Studies. Areas of research: Ethnic studies, cultural studies, Israeli culture and society, Middle Eastern cinema.
Phone: 919-962-5428 Email: yshemer@email.unc.edu

HSprintzik2014web Hanna Sprintzik, lecturer in Modern Hebrew, Department of Asian Studies.
Email: hannasp@email.unc.edu

sueldo.web_ Martin Sueldo, lecturer in Spanish, Department of Romance Studies.
Email: sueldo@email.unc.edu

 Ruth-von-Bernuth2.2014web Ruth von Bernuth, director, Carolina Center for Jewish Studies and associate professor of early modern German Studies (1500-1750), Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. Areas of research: Medieval and Early modern German and Yiddish literature; folly literature and culture; disability studies.
Email: rvb@email.unc.edu

Emeritibrowning.vsm_ Christopher Browning, Department of History. Area of research: history of the holocaust. Bio.



levine.web_  Madeline Levine, Department of German and Slavic Languages and Literatures. Bio.