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Patricia Rosenmeyer, Seymour & Seymour & Carol Levin Distinguished Term Professor and professor, Department of Classics. Areas of research: archaic Greek poetry; Helen of Troy; ancient Greek epistolary fiction; Hellenistic poetry; archaic, Hellenistic and imperial epigram; Ovid; imperial Greek literature; literary theory; and reception studies. Phone: 919-962-1509 Email:



Executive Director

Karen M. Gajewski, M.A. Phone: 919-962-1509 Email:


Administrative Coordinator
Megan Weddle. Phone: 919-962-1509 Email:



Undergraduate Intern: Alana Goldman
Grad Student Assistant:
Kenyatta McDonald, SILS




Ruth von Bernuth,
professor of early modern German Studies (1500-1750), Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. Areas of research: Medieval and Early modern German and Yiddish literature; folly literature and culture; disability studies. Bio



Jonathan M. Hess.
Also previously chair, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures and Malkin Distinguished Professor of Jewish History and Culture. Areas of research: German-Jewish literature, culture and history. Learn more about Jonathan’s contributions to the Center and the University.


2003 – Founding Director
Jonathan Hartlyn
, Kenneth J. Reckford Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science. Areas of research: comparative politics of Latin America, especially with relation to questions of democratization, political institutions, and state-society relations. Bio



Acting Directors
2017-2018: Michele Rivkin-Fish
2006-2007: Jeff Spinner-Halev