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The Jewish Studies Graduate Student Network is an informal  group of graduate students interested in the interdisciplinary field of Jewish Studies. Run out of the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies and mentored by faculty advisers, the group brings together graduate students from a wide variety  of fields on campus who maintain interests in Jewish Studies. The group meets on a regular basis throughout the year for works-in-progress sessions, luncheon seminars with guest speakers, and other events where graduate students have the chance to interact with students and faculty involved with the field of Jewish Studies. The only requirements for  participating are an interest in Jewish Studies and current enrollment as a graduate student at Carolina. To get on the mailing list for forthcoming events or to learn more, email the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, at


RESCHEDULED: Grad Student Network Meeting: Dinner with Brett Kaplan, Keohane Visiting Professor. Now scheduled for Wednesday, April 17th, 6:00pm, at 411 West. Registration Required: Event details and RSVP form.

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Affiliated Graduate Students 2023-2024


Emily Branton, Department of Religious Studies


 Joe Block, TEP Fellow, Department of History


Seonghyun Choi, Department of Religious Studies

Brian A. Coussens, Department of Religious Studies


Alison Curry, Department of History


Oskar Czendze,TEP Fellow, Department of History


Tara Jordan, Department of Music



Morgan Morales, Department of History



Jordan Klevdal, Department of English


Elena Peña-Argüeso, Department of Romance Studies




         Ellen Perleberg, SILS, Master of Science in Library Science


Aria Tsoulouhas, Department of Religious Studies