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Next fall’s Capstone Course: Theme and Methodologies in Jewish Studies is
Women, Gender, and Judaism with Professor Andrea Cooper.
Thursdays 3:35-6:25pm, location TBA. General Ed: CI


This course offers intensive grounding in key approaches to Jewish studies by examining developments in the study of women and gender in Judaism. We will discuss efforts to challenge and revitalize Jewish tradition through the lens of gender theory and other critical interpretive approaches. Topics to be addressed include feminist Jewish theology and liturgy, the renewal of ritual and law, gender identity, race, sexuality, the rabbinic ordination of women, and representations of these themes in various media. Undergraduates and Graduate Students are welcome to enroll.


The Jewish Studies Capstone Course is required for those pursuing the B.A. in Religious Studies with a concentration in Jewish Studies and is also open to non-major undergraduates and graduate students. Each year, JWST 697 features different instructors and a range of topics, but it always delves into a compelling aspect of Jewish Studies.


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