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On Monday November 9, graduate students at UNC had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Dr. Christopher Browning and ask him about his career and research. Dr. Browning is the Frank Porter Graham Professor Emeritus at UNC-Chapel Hill and professor emeritus of the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, and one of the pioneer academics in Holocaust studies. Dr. Browning was invited to speak about his work on the history of the Holocaust and responses to his classic book on the Holocaust Ordinary Men. At the meeting, students were especially interested in his background education and how he was able to make a career out of his research passion. They also asked him questions about his writing process and how to deal with the critique he received on his publications. Dr. Browning was very courteous in answering everybody’s questions and we would like to thank him for taking the time to talk to our graduate students and give them very useful advice on how to progress in academia!

By Tine Rassalle, graduate assistant for the Center

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