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         April 13-15, 2019

Free and open to the public,
no tickets or reservations required.

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Saturday, April 13

Kenan Rehearsal Hall


Terry Rhodes, UNC Chapel Hill
Eric Downing, UNC Chapel Hill
Ruth von Bernuth, UNC Chapel Hill


Laura Lieber, Duke University


Keynote Lecture:

Maurice Sendak’s Dear Mili: A Contrapuntal Elegy

Martha B. Helfer, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey



Sunday, April 14

FedEx Global Education Center



Eric Downing, UNC Chapel Hill
Ruth von Bernuth, UNC Chapel Hill



Panel 1: Encounters and Friendships

Moderator: Richard Langston, UNC Chapel Hill


Act of Faith: Reflections on Germans, Jews, and Friendship
Jonathan Skolnik, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The Task of the Jewish Translator Revisited
Abigail Gillman, Boston University


Optimism in Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship: Bildungsroman, Affect, and Enlightenment

Chunjie Zhang, University of California, Davis


Schiller and the Reconstitution of Body Politics
Gabriel Trop, UNC Chapel Hill






Round Table 1: Teaching Enlightenments and Jewish Studies

Chairs: Yaakov Ariel, UNC Chapel Hill and Stefani Engelstein, Duke University


Richard Benson, Independent Scholar

Susanne Gomoluch, UNC Charlotte

Jeffrey Hertel, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University

Tayler Kent, University of Alabama

Samuel Kessler, Gustavus Adolphus College

Annegret Oehme, University of Washington

Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers, Goethe-Institut, Washington




Lunch Break for all attendees, in atrium




Panel 2: Encounters Between Yiddish and German

Moderator: Jonathan Boyarin, Cornell University


Becoming a Jewish Pope: Rethinking Jewish-Christian Relations Between the Early Modern
and Modern
Lea Greenberg, Joshua Shelly, Ruth von Bernuth, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University


A Dialectic of Enlightenment? Unexpected Aspects of Yiddish-German Translation in the Early Twentieth Century
Jeffrey Grossman, University of Virginia


Gevorn a maymin? Nathan Birnbaum—and Others—between Vienna/Prague and Galicia
Scott Spector, University of Michigan


A Poetics of Genocide: The Jewish Dead Confront the Germans in Itzhak Katzenelson’s Warsaw Ghetto Poem ‘Vey dir’
Sven-Erik Rose, University of California, Davis






Panel 3: Students of Enlightenment

Moderator: Ann Marie Rasmussen, University of Waterloo


Such Great Heights: Elevated Perspectives in Alexander von Humboldt and Karl Philipp Moritz
Rory Bradley, Colby College


Bildung and Poesie: Berthold Auerbach’s Theory of Literature
Erik Grell, Furman University


Jewish Theater and the Enlightened East
Emma Woelk, St. Edwards’s University



Round Table 2: Mentoring in the Humanities
Chair: Konrad H. Jarausch, UNC Chapel Hill


Richard Apgar, Sewanee: University of the South

Flora Cassen, UNC Chapel Hill

Carrie Duncan, Independent Scholar

Michael Figueroa, UNC Chapel Hill

Sally Hatch Gray, Mississippi State University

Priscilla Layne, UNC Chapel Hill


Monday, April 15
Dey Hall, Toy Lounge



Panel 4: Enlightenment, Modernity, and Bildung
Moderators: Nicholas Miller, Loyola University Maryland and Malachi Hacohen, Duke University


Solomon Maimon’s Autobiography and the Task of the Retranslator
Paul Reitter, The Ohio State University


Jesus and Moses as Figures of Modernity
Karin L. Schutjer, University of Oklahoma


Negotiating Modernist Style in the German-Jewish Galicia Novel (1930-1945)
Kata Gellen, Duke University


The Turn to Jewish and Non-Jewish Encounters in Jewish Studies
Klaus Hödl, Universität Graz








Panel 5: Keeping the Lights On
Moderator: Agnes Mueller, University of South Carolina


Antisemitism and Wagner’s Legacy in Avner Dorman’s Opera Wahnfried (2017)
Kerry Wallach, Gettysburg College


Auschwitz Enlightenment, or: What Farocki Taught
William Collins Donahue, University of Notre Dame


German Jewish lengevitch: Experiments in Writing
Leslie Morris, University of Minnesota


Middlebrow Literatures and the Remaking of German Jewish Identity in the
Twenty-first Century
Katja Garloff, Reed College


Final Remarks



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